Property Service

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Property service

IFS Property Services are about providing you with a welcoming and well-maintained building. There seems to be an endless number of maintenance jobs that need to be done on a regular basis. IFS Property Services can provide most, or all, of these services and contribute to optimizing a company’s property service budget.

Pest Control บริการกำจัดแมลง Facility Service, Property Service

Pest Control Service

In Pest, Rodent and Termite control, IFS uses processes and chemicals that are both effective and environmentally friendly as well as ensuring that there are no lasting residues, making them safe for people and environment Our team are well-trained and educated in pest removal, to ensure the high service standard and improve the quality of life.

Landscaping Service

IFS offers a landscape management service, helping your building to enhance their visitors’ impression. This service covers landscape design, green area construction and daily ground maintenance. With our highly skilled and motivated staff, IFS can provide landscaping solutions that are adapted to client’s unique needs.
บริการอุปกรณ์ภายในห้องน้ำ พนักงานทำความสพอาดห้องน้ำ Facility Service, Property Service

Washroom Service

IFS help keeping your washroom clean and safe. Your visitors will always access hygienic washroom facilities with necessary equipment:
  • Soap dispenser
  • Hand dryer
  • Air fresheners & purification
  • Toilet sanitizer
  • Toilet seat cleaner
  • Toilet rolls
  • Sanitary bin.

IFS, we take care of all aspects of your washroom need, ranging from cleaning, maintaining consumable stock and waste management.

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