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Facility Service, Facility Solutions


Honesty is central to everything IFS does. It is one of the core values that links each of us. Our solid reputation for honesty is the sum of the performances of the men and women of IFS. This creates successful long-term relationships with our customers, open communication, a strong sense of being a “family” and a better overall work environment.
Facility Service, Facility Solutions


Actions speak louder than words. IFS is known to be highly focused on our customers’ businesses as well as our own. We want to prove to our customers, every day, that we are committed to their success. We have created an environment where innovations can thrive, helping our customers and ourselves to improve.
Facility Service, Facility Solutions


Responsibility is a keyword for IFS. Decision-making within IFS begins with frontline staff, where the necessary insights are available. We offer our employees ownership of the company, and, in return, we receive commitment, responsibility, loyalty and initiative from them. This enables us to better serve our customers.


We conduct ourselves professionally. We promise only what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise. We not only adhere to the highest standards of our business, but We also often create them through our passion for quality.

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