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Our commitment to service begins with our own team. We maintain a welcoming and appreciative internal culture, driven by the IFS values of honesty, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and quality. We also provide an equal employment opportunity for all candidates, with a hiring process free from all types of discrimination. All races, colors, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and nationalities are equally respected and given equal opportunity at IFS. Selected candidates will be placed in a position that fits their talents and abilities. Our employees are at the heart of everything we do, so if a candidate exceeds the job qualification, we will suggest a more suitable position as an alternative.

Career Growth, Career Support

Growth and Support

We have our own training academy to develop the skills and capabilities of our people. This support feature helps IFS employees stay prepared for their current roles, while learning new concepts that enable them to take on higher leadership responsibilities. Our up-skilling and re-skilling programs help our staff advance toward management positions in our organization, leading to a wider range of career opportunities. Training facilities can be accessed online and allow for colleagues to learn together during each course. This collaborative model helps our people build teamwork over time, empowering them to succeed in a variety of new and rewarding environments. Through our career growth and support programs, IFS employees gain vast amounts of knowledge and experience, helping them grow as professionals and deliver the finest service for every client.

Recognizing excellence

Our success as a company depends entirely on the fine work done by our people. We are continually inspired by our team, and to encourage and reward excellence at every level of IFS, we’ve introduced a system of prizes for outstanding performance. The IFS Star Award program lets us show gratitude for their good deeds, abilities, qualities, contributions, and professionalism. In addition, the IFS Long Service Awards program is a celebration of continued service over the course of a successful career. The aim of these programs is to recognize the value of our employees, show appreciation for their contributions, and hold them up as examples for their colleagues to emulate. Our people are the force that drives our organization forward, providing dependable and sustainable service excellence for every IFS client.
Career Excellence, Employee Recognition

People Story

Souphin and Souphien, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

Our cleaning staffs, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, found valuable and return it to the owner. IFS wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for their honesty and award them the IFS Star Award for Honesty and Morality. Thank you for being such a great example and inspiration to others.

Boonlert Chalermpong, Wutipong Buranaboon and Tharakorn Sirima, TTB

IFS Security team, successfully provide TTB Bank officer an assistance in saving their customer jumping off the building. The company would like to admire the entire team for their brave and sacrifice. We are proud to award IFS Star Award for exceeding service delivery expectation to all of them.

Petchmongkol Sansupun,
Bumrungrad International Hospital

Khun Petchmonkol was highly admired by the nursing staff of his enthusiasm to assist visitors at the hospital. He also had a humble manner and always helped parents and children going to other area by calling Porter staff while the counter staff were busy with other work. This created satisfaction for visitors who use the service and also reduce the work load from hospital staff.

Security Team at Terminal 21

Khun Supanit, Khun Ree and Khun Somchai intercepted the burglary from the stores in the Terminal 21 Shopping Mall area and coordinated to bring the perpetrators to Lumpini Police Station, showing their responsibility and strictly performing their duties.

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