Support Service

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Support Service

IFS Support Services is a staff outsourcing solution, that created to take non-core tasks away from your business so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Whether you need office staff support, retail staff support or factory staff support, we are here to help.

IFS currently brings the power of the human to a wide range of industries through the provision of approximately 9,000 motivated and skilled outsourced personnel of various types.

Office Support, พนักงานส่งเอกสาร, พนักงานขับรถ, Facility Service

Office Staff Support

IFS provides a full range of Office Support Service. We help your business run the day-to-day operation effectively and smoothly.
Our solution for your office:
  • Reception Providing a professional customer service; managing calls, handling inquiries and assisting office’s visitor.
  • Mailroom Management: Collecting incoming mail or parcel and delivering mail to department accordingly.
  • Messenger
    Delivering or picking up item between your office and desired destinations.
  • Driver
    Reliable and experienced driver for executives.

Retail Staff Support

IFS, we are an expert in customer service job. Our retail support staff are well-trained and work with service mind. We offer Product Consultant (PC) and stock merchandiser staff service in many kind of retail industry.

Product Consultant: An in-person shop assistant providing customer the product detail, recommendation and best service experience.

Stock Merchandiser: In-charge of ensuring that shelves and aisles are stocked with the merchandise in retail stores.

Office Support, พนักงานขาย, พนักงานขับรถ, Facility Service
พนักงานโรงงาน, Facility Service, Factory Support

Factory Staff Support

IFS provides workforce management with highly targeted recruitment of appropriate staff along with the provision of a dedicated site manager and supervisory team who are focused on achieving pre-agreed KPI.

Workforce management offers a high degree of flexibility in staffing, which makes it deal for companies that require seasonal labor and/or aim to optimize their capacity utilization rate.

Why IFS Support service

Cost Saving
With outsourcing, business can reduce the cost associate with hiring process, training, payroll and employee benefits. Outsourcing solution allow your business to roll at a low operational cost and make a better use of time.
Effective Management
As an expert in staff management, we are up to date on employment laws and regulations. Using our outsourcing service, your business could mitigate risk as we will assist you to comply with these labor and employment laws.
Focus on core business
Outsourcing service is an efficient way to transfer the non-core business processes to a third party. So, you can concentrate on more meaningful work that will significantly impact your business operations.

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