Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services is about providing you with a welcoming environment. Outsourcing cleaning services means that your business can focus on your core competencies
Cleaning Service

IFS has set the standard for cleaning services by offering customized and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for all types of clients. Organizations partnering with IFS benefit from the innovation, methods, tools and materials that we are constantly developing.

Your clean property surrounding can induce staff well-being, productivity and satisfaction. It also help creating a welcoming environment and guest’s impression. IFS. we are a cleaning specialists, working to ensure the cleanliness of your property. Let leave the cleaning to us and focus on your business competency.

IFS, we provides a complete range of cleaning services: Cleaning at Height, Daily Cleaning and Specialized Cleaning solution.

Cleaning at Hieght ทำความสะอาดตึก, ทำความสะอาดกระจก Facility Service

Cleaning at Height

Our team is trained and fully qualified to work at height. They are highly skilled at using specialist equipment and cleaning technique, reaching any part of difficult access. IFS offer the optimum building cleaning service and value the safety of every working procedure.

Our services cover wall, ceiling, up ceiling, interior and exterior window cleaning.

Daily Cleaning

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your business with IFS daily cleaning service. This is an effective solution to prevent the spread of germs and improve overall health. IFS, we use high quality cleaning product in cleaning and sanitizing your place. We believe that a cleaner environment is a safer and happier environment. Daily cleaning is so an excellent way to create a happy workplace and visitors’ impression.
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Specialized Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning IFS understand that specific business require specific attention. Our specialized cleaning services are particularly designed to meet your business need. IFS, we provide professional cleaning service for many business industries; Health care, Pharmaceutical, Energy & Resource, Manufacturing and so on. Our cleaning staffs are well-trained to guarantee the best quality for your business.

The quality of cleaning is important to us. IFS, we have an online daily checklist system to keep tracking work performance. Supervisor will scan the QR code attached in each location to input the cleaning quality data into the system. Thus, our client can access to real-time data and report.

IFS also aim to improve the service quality, maximizing users’ satisfaction. We provide users the device for rating their satisfaction toward our cleaning service. So, we can make use of feedback to enhance quality of cleaning service.

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