IFS and SoftBank Robotics Group Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Redefine Facility Management in Thailand

Integrated Facility Solutions (IFS), Thailand’s premier integrated facility management company, has joined forces with SoftBank Robotics Singapore(SBRSG), APAC arm of SoftBank Robotics Group, which is a global leader in robotics solutions, to announce a transformative joint venture SmartBX Robotics Company Ltd poised to redefine the integrated facility management landscape in Thailand.

By synergizing IFS’s unmatched expertise in integrated facility management with SoftBank Robotics Group’s pioneering robotics technology, this strategic partnership heralds a new era of service excellence and technological advancement within the industry. Together, the companies are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that elevate service quality and drive unparalleled efficiency.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the introduction of Whiz i to the Thai market – an advanced floor cleaning robot engineered to revolutionize facility maintenance. Whiz i sets a new standard for cleanliness, boasting the capability to substantially diminish the presence of viruses and bacteria on floor surfaces, thereby fostering a healthier environment for all occupants.

In addition, this partnership will tap on SoftBank Robotics’ expertise in its SmartBX unified platform*1 which aims to harness robotics & IOT solutions, data, a scientific ATP swab cleanliness test to maximize the facility generating profit.

Clients of this joint venture stand to benefit from this unified platform from optimized cleaning processes, reduced operational costs, and access to cutting-edge technological innovations, thereby enriching their overall experience. (option to omit)

Mr. Worapong Padungkirtsakul, Chief Executive Officer of IFS, underscores the significance of this partnership, stating, “We are excited to embark on this strategic collaboration with SoftBank Robotics, a world-renowned robotics integrator. By integrating Whiz i into our service offerings, we are raising the bar for cleanliness and hygiene and reshaping the future of facility management. Their technology and expertise will help IFS solve the ongoing labor issues in the facility service industry. Due to limited resources, technology is the way to go. IFS is the first player in facility management to truly integrate technology into our services. With SoftBank Robotics Group’s proven success and methodology, we can elevate our services to another level. This will unlock growth and profitability, and we expect to grow our business by double digits year on year.”

Mr. Kent Yoshida, EVP, Chief Business Officer of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp., echoed this sentiment, “This partnership allows us to leverage our expertise in cleaning technology and the deployment of robotics & IOT, helping customers achieve successful transformation in facility management. Together with IFS, we are poised to launch innovative solutions that will realize the full potential of smart facility transformations and enhance its market value.”

The joint venture between IFS and SoftBank Robotics Group is set to significantly transform the integrated facility management landscape in Thailand. By setting new benchmarks for total solutions and ushering in innovative technology, the partnership aims to enhance service quality, boost productivity, and provide customers with access to state-of-the-art technologies.

*1 SmartBX unified platform leverages robots, sensor technology, and data to enhance productivity. By integrating traditional human expertise and on-site know-how with advanced technology, the solution aims to provide a new dimension in facility management.

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