IFS Promise to Our Client

Facility service, Facility Solution, Cleaning Service, Security Service, Property Service, Support Service, Technical Service

Thailand’s best facility management services provider now goes by a new name: IFS. Until recently, our business was known to the world as ISS – a global organization founded in Denmark in 1901. Today, we bring clients the same world-class solutions, developed through more than a century of experience, under the IFS (Integrated Facility Solutions) brand. From security and cleaning to technical support and other forms of tailored workplace assistance, IFS helps to create and maintain places that function and inspire. Simply put: We deliver expert, customized facility management services to our clients across a variety of sectors.

Facility service, Facility Solution, Cleaning Service, Security Service, Property Service, Support Service, Technical Service

A true partner

Our flexible solutions are fine-tuned to fit the needs of your particular organization. Indeed, the scope of these services can be wide or narrow, and scaled up or down as necessary. In this way, our expert team complements the precise needs of your organization, with dependable on-site service. This bespoke, client-centric approach is possible because we coordinate every project through our headquarters in Bangkok. Dedicated to providing service excellence through innovation, our facility management team plays an essential supporting role in the business journeys of our clients.

Team support

As a leading facility solutions provider in Thailand, we don’t simply aim to serve. We aim to inspire. Our people are passionate about service quality, taking pride in every project to better support the goals of our clients. This kind of commitment can only come from a strong foundation. We take excellent care of our people, building dependable teams that work in harmony with each other and with clients in every sector. It is this structure of internal support that forms the backbone of IFS, and in turn, encourages and empowers our people to truly care about our clients.

Advanced solutions

While our business will always be fundamentally about people, our embrace of digital transformation brings IFS solutions to another level. From building analytics and cloud-based scheduling to specialized tools that allow for better environmental regulation, the power of smart building technology allows our people to maximize their efficiency while ensuring that our client’s facilities are fully optimized for comfort and performance. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of operational flexibility, as well as the need to minimize costs and focus on core functions. By incorporating tools that allow for greater internal control, IFS facility management provides 360-degree control that enables enhanced productivity even through changing conditions. Flexibility comes from the careful integration of our people, technology, and service designs. This essential combination lets our clients worry less, and accomplish more – whatever the future may bring.

All under one roof

Our support teams specialize in a number of related support fields, complementing each other’s skills so that every element of assistance remains well-coordinated. Rather than relying on separate and disjointed groups to labor over tasks, our highly trained professionals work seamlessly together for the benefit of our clients. The spirit of this collaboration is right there in our name: Integrated Facility Solutions. Each support solution fits naturally alongside the others, while also clearing the way for our clients to reach their ultimate goals. By removing distractions, simplifying operations, and providing support from a number of angles, our services put each client in the best possible position to succeed.

Above and beyond

A tradition of quality. Our client-centered approach. Services tailored for every situation. Teams built to excel. A commitment to achieving progress through innovation. These features let IFS stand out as Thailand’s premier facility management solutions provider. Though our name has changed, our services across all sectors are better than ever. For every client, no matter how big or small the task may be, our solutions ensure a harmonious relationship between facilities and people. That’s our promise – and the IFS way.

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