Commercial Security Trends

Security technology for businesses has been developing new features, to create the best security system for businesses. IFS has outlined 5 key trends that will become the essential in commercial security:

  • IoT Integration
    The use of devices that can real time connect data via the Internet to enhance security service, such as camera systems or sensors.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    Utilizing a deep learning system with devices, help improving the effectiveness of situations analysis and precision of intrusive detection.
  • Drones & Robotics
    Drones will hold the key in security patrol from the sky. Meanwhile, security robots help to patrol in the large area and allow command center staff to view the exact location and real time access to video.
  • Facial Recognition & Biometrics
    Facial and Biometric recognition will be widely used, especially in access control systems.
  • 5G-Powered Surveillance
    The increasing coverage area of 5G network enhances data connectivity among devices, increase response speed and improves video resolution.

Proper use of technology in your business will greatly help in budget optimization and work efficiency.

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